Can a cyberattack ruin your business? More than you'd think!

Cyberattacks are an unavoidable part of every organization in the world. Even though the awareness of threats is increasing, many organizations still underestimate the risks associated with them.


Cybercriminals steal – but not money, but data! Therefore, any organization can be a real target – YOURS TOO. What are the consequences of a cyberattack:

  1. Loss of Reputation – something you’ve been building for years can fall apart because of 1 incident!
  2. Loss of revenue due to downtime – you will not be able to work with encrypted data through a ransomware attack.
  3. Lower valuation of your company – pessimistic financial forecasts affect the value of shares and the company’s overall valuation.
  4. Legal problems and costs – all legal regulations, including GDPR (penalty of 4% of turnover!).


Modern solutions you use daily, such as Sharepoint, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, have opened up new business opportunities – while creating an extensive attack surface. Be aware, and do not minimize this matter! – ARE YOU SURE THAT YOUR DATA IS INSURED?


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