SPIREE Cheat Sheet - - Part 2: Threat Intelligence Tools

Second material from our new series of SPIREE Cheat Sheets!

In this part, we present four tools that help in threat intelligence, thereto threat analysis based on information collected from various sources:

  1. Shodan (https://www.shodan.io/) is used to search for devices connected to the Internet.
  2. IntelligenceX (https://intelx.io/) is used to search the Darknet, document-sharing platforms, WHOIS data, public data leaks, and an archive of historical performance data.
  3. ONYPHE (https://www.onyphe.io/) is used to search for intelligence on cyber threats collected by indexing various sources available on the Internet.
  4. Internet Archive (https://archive.org/web/) is an archive of publicly available websites, old software versions, movies, books, sound recordings, etc.

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