(Cyber)safe love

What do love and cybersecurity have in common?

Let’s consider erotic gadgets, and it turns out that quite a lot;) Almost every device must now be smart, e.g., have a dedicated application, location sharing, etc. This trend also applies to erotic gadgets.

Producers of sex toys often do not consider cybersecurity their number 1 priority, and as a result, hackers may have many vulnerabilities to be exploited.

Would you like your neighbor to see that you are using a smart butt plug? What if someone remotely locks your digital chastity belt and refuses to give you the key? YES, such scenarios are possible xD!

So what to do if we want to use intelligent sex gadgets? If you buy such a gadget, be aware of the risks, read the opinions about the device, and check if its manufacturer had any cybersecurity issues!

We recommend the article: https://www.pentestpartners.com/security-blog/we-need-to-talk-about-sex-toys-and-cyber-security/ and wish you lots of love on Valentine’s Day!