Would you like ChatGPT to take over your company someday?

Every day we hear about new usage of ChatGPT, such as solving baccalaureate exams, writing essays, or writing articles on various topics.

Nevertheless, ChatGPT can also be used to:

  • Creating malicious content that may affect the image of your company – posts, comments, etc.
  • Writing quarterly reports for your company, which may contain manipulated materials and data – e.g. some of your employees may think that why should they invent something if there is ChatGPT 馃槈 You don’t check it anyway.
  • Solving tasks from the Medical Final Examination – Would you like to go to a doctor who passed the Medical Final Examination using ChatGPT :)?
  • Phishing

Remember that any fake material created by ChatGPT can live on, and its content can be replicated indefinitely! Think about it in the context of your company!

Removing content from the Internet is not so easy…

Unfortunately, we are afraid that the amount of content generated by ChatGPT may significantly NOISE the Internet, and someone will have to clean it up someday.