And if we told you that you were bugged - would you be more careful what you say while working from home?

Many of us effectively cover the camera on our computer to prevent recording – VERY GOOD! The situation looks worse with cameras in smartphones – here covering the camera selfie is not the most common practice 🙂

And what about the microphone?
Do you cover your microphone? Have you ever thought about it? Probably not.

All computers and smartphones have a microphone that can be used as a tool for eavesdropping and data transmission!
What’s more, the use of the microphone is not properly signaled – unlike cameras that have an information diode.

You’re probably wondering what can be „stealed” with a microphone?
→ passwords spoken by us aloud
→ personal information given to someone over the phone
→ confidential conversations (gossip about a colleague from the office as well)
→ the sounds of the content we watch, etc.

What else? The microphone can be used as a tool for data transmission from one device to another – this is the so-called data transmission using high-frequency sound signals that are inaudible to humans (